What is RCS64?

Race Control System 64 is a computer software slot car race management system designed for Scalextric Sport Digital and specifically for the C7042 powerbase.
A version for Slot IT’s Oxigen is in development, It is called RCS O2.


Great, but what does it do?

It not only times the laps of the slot cars, but it simulates weather conditions, tyre wear, damage and fuel use. You can come into the pits and change your tyres, repair damage or refuel. It also has Pace Cars – enables you to race against ghost cars without anybody else in the room – Pace Cars can also pit.


Sounds good, but what effect do these simulations have on the car?

If it rains you may want to change to your Wet tyres – if you don’t your car will be very difficult to handle in the slippery conditions.

Take care of your tyres when it is hot, as they will wear quicker.

Braking will be delayed if your tyres are worn.

Don’t crash too often or you will have to go into the pits to carry out damage repairs.


The following video shows a race using 6 cars. (Old version – updated video coming soon!)


Who is developing this software?

The RCS64 Team consists of a number of people.

The programmer is Martin Schmidt of Schmidt Digital Solutions, a Danish software company.

Chief Operations Manager is Marcel Minnaard (Minardi)

Many other people from around the globe are involved on a voluntary basis, testing along with various other jobs.


What does the future hold for RCS64?
Race Control System 64 is developed for and in conjunction with active digital track users to become the standard in digital slot car racing software. We provide digital solutions for slot car users who like to get the maximum out of their digital race tracks while keeping it simple to setup and use.

Although first versions of RCS64 are only compatible with the new Scalextric Digital power base, later versions are intended to include other digital track formats.

By including options not seen before in this type of software, we aim to be the first ‘sim slot car race management system’ available.

What is RCSO2

Race Control System O2 is a computer software slot car race management system designed for SLOT IT OXIGEN.
We plan to release in 2017. RCS O2 will support multiple screens, the amount of visible ID’s/cars per screen is at user preference. Furthermore there will be a FIA style live timing screen.

Hopefully any other questions you may wish to ask are answered somewhere on this website or our forum.

We at Team RCS64 hope you enjoy using RCS64! (or RCS O2 🙂 )














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