Download and Test Drive RCS64 here


From the updated release of december 2015 it is not necessary anymore to register to test drive. Just download RCS64 and you are able to use ALL FEATURES during a 30 day trial period!




Download Notes

Race Control System is programmed in LabView. The download size is bigger than you might expect. This is because;

1) Labview uses a lot of it’s own drivers instead of relying on windows

2) There are a lot of sound samples which take up a large amount of the download size.

Current size is about 200+ Mb. Please save the download file. After downloading run the .exe file. The install process will start – follow the instructions.

RCS64 is tested on Windows XP ,  Windows 7 , Window 8, 8.1 and 10 RCS64 has different font sizes and windows between the systems. It is rather difficult, in LabView, to get settings to look perfect for both systems. Sometimes things may not look as slick as you would expect in a software program, but it’s what’s under the hood that counts. We think that what is under the hood is very special and worth a closer look.

We are working on better/larger fonts. If you use windows 7, you may want to try a lower screen resolution for better viewing. With XP, it is proven that dark background colors and white text are very clear.

We hope you enjoy our software!

RCS64 Team