Crash and you lose a damage point.

Lose all your damage points and you have to come into the pits to repair the damage.

The Damage feature can either be used as a deterrent for bad driving or as a handicap system.

How does the Damage feature work?


If you set the Automatic track call feature on and a car crashes the driver will lose a damage point. If a driver initiates a track call manually they will also lose a damage point.

When damage points are zero the car will revert to a slow speed – the driver will now have to come into the pits and repair the damage.



You can change the number of damage points each driver has prior to the race or even during the race.

Set the length of time that the repair will take. The longer the more of a deterrent!

• You cannot repair damage during a track call.

• You cannot repair damage before you serve a ‘stop&go’, or immediately after, without leaving pits first.

• If you start refueling or changing tyres you will not be able to repair damage until that action is completed.

If another car knocks you off the track. The race official can reimburse your lost damage point and could also issue a ‘stop and go’ to the offending driver at the same time.