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VERY NICE WORK GUYS!!! The pace car feature and the pit feature make this system a smash home run!
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Glengtl1 (Post #578)


Having finished my track upgrades (updates to my thread coming soon), I finally got to play with new software and the APB. No surprise to anyone here, or myself, but I must say that RCS is really slick. I love the sounds and the pit menu and all the options so far. I’m really looking forward to the future features, especially event planning. Alas, as I had feared, my old computer that was fine for PB-Pro use, is not up to the processing required for APB use. Hopefully an old laptop I have spare is better enough, but if not, it will be a few months before I can give it a proper thrashing with my digital club. Thanks for all the hard work on this RMS, guys. It’s a real winner. smile.gif

Mr Flippant (Post #209)


“Great to see the speedy progress & attention to detail on this project.”

Chris99 (Post #144)


“I’m a Scalextric Digital newbie and have just used Ultimate racer 3 layout program to help design my 5ft by 12ft track that fits perfectly at the back of my living room and is out of the way so my girlfriend doesn’t complain! I would have added pics but it seems you need the pictures stored on a server and then a link to the picture. So will do this when i get time in the future.

Anyway I’ve been recently trying out various Race management systems and the best 3 are Pc lap counter, SSDC and new kid on the block RCS64.
All 3 have their merits and in a nutshell the way I see it:

PC Lap counter is great for setting up races with loads of options and the interface is highly customisable so you can have the race leaderboard exactly as you want it to look. It also has loads of stats for fastest lap records and saved race details. Another big plus are the individual sounds you can setup per driver. My only issues are it is the most expensive, can be a little complicated to setup and doesn’t have throttle management or very advanced Pacer car settings.

SSDC offers awesome Pacer car options and the variable throttle pacers are excellent. I like the pursuit mode it offers with delay start features and the interface is clean and very simple to setup races. With the new penalty system addition it also becomes a more useful program for controlling and managing races. It is only let down by a few issues: a lack of storing race / track records and general Race stat details., sometimes the pacer cars can be a little temperamental but this has improved recently with various updates. Also I’m not a big fan that you can only make a track call with the brake button. I believe you used to be able to track call using Brake and Lane change but this seems to have been removed. However my free trial license of SSDc finished a couple of days ago so perhaps the new Penalty system has amended this.

So this brings me to RCS64. I recently downloaded this software and was impressed by it’s ease of use and simplicity to start a race. RCS64 has a number of key issues that make it stand out from the crowd:
1.) Weather control
2.) Tyre wear
3.) Awesome Throttle configurations
4.) Great sound options.
5.) Soon to be damage options

I will not go into these features because they have been mentioned and discussed before but suffice to say they work really well and make the racing a more immersive experience. These USP features really makes RCS64 a viable option even for users who already have SSDC or PC Lap counter.
I also really like the fact that Marcel and Martin are really dedicated to listen to people on this forum to constantly develop this software. At the moment it is lacking in post-race data, race setup options and pace cars but they have plans to add these features in future updates so the future’s bright for RCS64.
I believe if they continue developing the program as they have done so far then it will become the No 1 RMS program to go to and this is the reason I chose to purchase RMS64 over the tough competition.
Keep up the good work and I look forward to trying out the new features when they are added.”

Adam Teach (Post #38)


“My son and I had some good races (with the pace car work around) this weekend. Having to manage tires and weather is great fun! Well done guys!” “We are looking forward to ‘real’ pace cars and analog support!”

SJC115 (Post #34)


“Had a great time this weekend with this system. Played at my brother in-law’s place and now I have to figure out what I need to do to get the RCS64 system for my track. I love the realistic racing experience, its only getting closer to the real thing! The pit lane has a full selection of tires now for the different track conditions which change over the course of the race and gas obviously, but its amazing how it changes the race strategy. Great job guys! Loving the new interface, keep it coming.”

Splitback 63 (Post #133)


“New style layout looks very good,and when it rains I get the Mrs asking where is the water coming from”.

ADE (Post #8)


“you again have an excellent work delivered. Damage works very well. It is now considering whether to use or not the track call.”

Balu69 (Post #169)