So, the breaking news today was that Scalextric will be bringing out 3 new powerbases next year.

One of them, the Race Control System Pro, will be a 6 car digital powerbase that will be controlled via your hand held smart device and also features Wireless controllers.

Not only the name is similar but also the features of the APP are remarkably similar – Tyres, Damage, Weather etc etc.

I asked Marcel for his thoughts, I hope he won’t mind me sharing them with you – “First reaction, it was quite a shock to see so many features from RCS64 and even the same name. On the other hand, we must have done something right if they copy from us, which makes us a little proud. Quite funny to see the name on a scalextric box”.

Many questions not yet answered – When will it actually be released? – Is there even a working prototype yet? How well will Bluetooth work?

What ever happens the RCS64 team will continue to concentrate on further developing RCS64 well into the future. If this development involves the Scalextric RCS-Pro only time will tell!

Personally I’m not holding my breath waiting for the RCS Pro – only just recovering from severe oxygen deprivation from waiting for the C7042 APB to come out!

Andy P

UPDATE: 19th December 2013

Marcel shares latest information straight form the source (Scalextric HQ);

– mini USB connection for open source development
– expected release not before late summer 2014
– first prototypes probably at Gaydon Slot Car Festival

Thank you Mr Mini driver smile.gif