RCS64 pricing policy.

We the RCS64 TEAM believe that we have an excellent product. We believe that we could charge a lot more for our product than we do, but we have decided not to. Below we have outlined our pricing policy.

We charge just enough to meet the following –

  • To cover the cost of new equipment we purchase to help us develop extra features that our customers request.
  • To pay bribes to our loved ones, so they still allow us to keep up this hobby of ours in our spare time.
  • To act as an incentive to do the things which we don’t always want to do but our users request. A new slot car each month keeps us happy!

This is a hobby for us, but we take the fact that you the user are willing to part with your money to buy our product, very seriously.

We wish to provide you with a fully functional product that you will be happy with, at a price that covers our needs and that you are happy to pay.

The RCS64 team hope you are totally satisfied with our product and that you get many hours of enjoyment out of it.

Race hard but race happy

The RCS64 Team