Support for LC Pro soon

Martin is already working on supporting the Scorpius Locator Pro’s for pit lane sensing, 4-lane SF, sector time, rally joker lap. We should see it in action in 2016.
31/12/2016: Update, the Locator Pro is not ready for the above features yet.


Hi All

On request an update on the SmartMegaSensor:-)

I have worked hard on the new sensor circuit. As previously said, I have made a complete redesign of it to fit the Mega board. This was harder than I thought, but this Saturday I sorted it out and now I have a great working set of sensors  This new sensor system is also being built into the SmartSensor.

Regarding the wireless transmitters, the first version is working in prototype, and components have been ordered for the final version. This box will include battery compartment and two led’s (on/off) and the connector for the standard handset.

We can now communicate from PC through SMS (SmartMegaSensor) to APB. And again from APB take the packet, manipulate with sensor data, wireless throttles data and send it back to the PC, still keeping response time very good.

So now Martin and I need to finalize the software and I need to build the wireless transmitters.

I will keep posting my progress and just keep asking if you want to know more.

Happy racing



Good news – it is looking like the first Smart Mega Sensors will be sent out for testing before Christmas. If all goes well they should be available for purchase in the new year.

The Smart Mega Sensor will have 6 sensors that can be used for sector timing or Pit Lane in/out sensors. They can also be used for timing with a 4 lane start/finish line.

Wireless controllers will also be available soon. They will work in conjunction with the Smart Mega Sensor.

More details to follow.

Andy P

Team RCS64



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The new MegaSmartSensor will be available soon.

Development is well under way and it is expected that the new MegaSmartSensor will have the following features-

·         Connection to 6 sensors (6 for sectors or 4 for sectors and to for pit)

·         RJ45 connection for easy connection to Startlight

·         Build in 2,4GHz radio for connection to cheap wireless controllers (to be developed) or driver displays (to be developed)

·         SmartSensor ID by deepswitch so more than one SmartMegaSensor can be used at the same track.

·         2 Green LED + 6 Red LED

·         Compatible with the SmartSensor (Can be used at same time at the same track)

For more info about Smart Sensors visit



Visit the new Smart Sensor website.